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Wesley Crusher Action Figure

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Wesley Crusher Star Trek

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Wesley Crusher From Star Trek

Wesley crusher from the star trek series "star trek" is a highly sought after action figure. He is available for purchase at a 90s playmates store called "next gen tos ds9 stng". this action figure is of wesley crusher, born on the crushersguide. Biz zetar in the 25th century of that century, a few years after the battle of tiny green. He is a crew member of the uss enterprise, and has been using his skills as a code interpreter to communicate with the other stars of the universe. This figure is perfect for anythat wants to explore the out there! the wesley crusher action figure is a fascinating star trek action figure from the line star trek tng nip. This action figure is a fantastic addition to any star trek fan's collection, and is sure to please anyone interested in the series. wesley crusher, the enterprise crew's most recent hope, is gone forever. Her gone, and with her, the chance for a better future. You can find this action figure in the medi-land of starfleet command, where she has been living with the help of the new crew. This playmate togheter from wesley crusher is full of action and adventure, always ready to help with his new mission.