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The Crusher Aluminum Can Compactor

Looking for a way to reduce your aluminum can compactor costs? this new mini crusher from pacific precision metals can help! With this powerful tool, you can clean up your area quickly and easily, making your aluminum can compactor look and feel more like a new product.

The Crusher

The crusher is an ideal tool for removing small pieces of rock from the surface of the earth. It is easy to use and can be used over a large area.

Pacific Precision Metals Aluminum Can Compactor

This is a great tool for compressing and crushing metals. It can be used to remove materials from the machine and to remove attachments from materials. It also has a strong safety system that prevents the machine from working until the driver or compressor hitting the compactor control has caused the machine to stop. this pacific precision metals aluminum can compactor is perfect for crushing easily rocks, sand and other materials. The crusher has a vertical belt and a horizontal belt that moves the material along the belt, the belt then cutoff with a shear arm. The crusher also has a microlitter to guide the material. the pacific precision metals aluminum all steel white crusher is a powerful all steel white crusher that can reachs reaching speeds of up to 20 cm/day with the use of low grade aluminum alloys. It can remove silver, gold, silver plated parts from the steel making it an important tool for aluminum alloys production. the pacific precision metals aluminum can compactor is a great way to reduce the amount of aluminum cans that get put into the recycling process.