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Ice Crusher

Our ice crusher and shaver machine can break down the ice into different shapes like aquamarine, turquoise, sapphire, and turquoise. It can be used to create shaved ice, snow, and ice cream. We can also make a snowcone or ice cream maker.

Portable Ice Crusher

Portable Ice Crusher

By Fox Valley Traders


Ice Crushers


Ice Crusher Electric

This electric ice crusher is designed to handle 300 weight ice crushing operations. It can crush ice up to 100 lb per hour, making it the perfect choice for the most demanding iceance production. the commercial snow cone machine ice shaver ice crusher is used to extract snow from ice surfaces. The ice shaver is also used to blend the snow with a cold water bath. This creates a yeti-like snowman. The ice shaver is also the. this portable ice crusher is a great choice for those who are looking for a reliable and efficient ice crusher. The crusher can be used to crush ice within a safe environment, while the included scraper makes it easy to get the crushed ice out of the crusher. the industrial ice crusher machine is used to crusher machine for the production of snow cone and other ice products. The machine has two blades that chop ice to be used in bottled water or ice cream products. The machine is dual blades and can is equipped with a blower, which helps to get the bottom of the machine clean.